Universe is a Java applet, created using Processing, the open source software initiative by Ben Fry and Casey Reas. The global news data that powers Universe comes entirely from Daylife, a company dedicated to creating interesting ways to explore and experience the world of news. If you are an artist or developer interested in using the Daylife API for a project of your own, please contact partners@daylife.com.

Technical requirements

Universe requires a web browser running Java. Universe runs best on fast computers with plenty of RAM (2GB or more is recommended).

Still too slow?

Universe is processor-intensive, and designed for fast computers with broadband connections. If Universe is running too slowly on your computer, first try closing all other programs that may be competing for memory resources. If that still doesn't help, try running Universe Mini, which loads less data and presents it in a smaller window.

Data sources

Universe data comes from Daylife's news API. Daylife aggregates news from thousands of online sources, large and small, from all over the world, and then analyzes this data automatically, extracting meaningful connections between the stories, people, places, companies, organizations, photographs and quotes that are found in the news.

Human involvement

Daylife's system runs autonomously, with no human editors choosing the news. Universe also runs automatically, updating its news data as frequently as Daylife does.